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End of winter Trimester in Sweden

Posted in drawing, painting on March 25, 2012 by Ulrich Suberg

Phew that was a tough term to evaluate, since starting with painting I don’t really have anything to compare my performance to. At least it’s a baseline so we’ll see how things continue.

Picture-wise I am very much not satisfied, both with my productivity and the quality of the stuff I painted. I think the last longpose-_drawing_ was the only thing I was somehow feeling good about. It’s strange though, beginning with this new medium meant that I would have to put all of the things I was thinking and learning about on the back-burner. There was no room for design, shapes, form, edges, values and all that because I am still busy with trying to handle a palet-knife, trying to make sense of this soup that is oilpaint and applying it on a canvas (That I also had to learn how to strech, prime and so on) in a way that feels controlled. Failing that I was preoccupied with my mixtures more than the actual picturemaking. I do not think that is bad since I had the same when I was doing my first charcoal-drawings, coming from pencil-scetching and doing pencils coming from pure pen-drawing before that, but it takes a while to get to know the physical reaction of a new medium and all the “higher” thoughts are being blocked out by the sheer clumsiness and problems of pure application.

Saying that, I advice everyone at FAA and elsewhere who are following a similar program to stay with drawing long enough to figure that shit out first, keying, edge-hierarchy, structure in drawing, proportions, and on and on. Once you get to painting, learning how to handle the tools which are so much more complex will take all out of you and everything else will stagnate, at least for a bit. I hope that I can continue my explorations of the visual language soon enough but I didn’t even learn how to use medium yet :(.

Working 11 weeks (!) on my first cast-painting got me over some of those hurdles, I feel. We will see. doing one project per trimester will leave me not having painted a single stilllife within this program haha! But if it meant that I can master the medium well enough to be able to switch my thinking away from the pure application of it I would not mind at all. Rushing through the program only yields bad paintings, I have seen enough examples of that.

Anyway, I present to you the craptastic results of my first painting-trimester at the FAA-studio in Sweden:



To top it off, I’ll dump a few of  my scetches in here too, I did document a LOT of my scetches and personal work before I joined the program but somehow stopped with that. I think it is important to keep a perspective on the personal skill-level when all you do is work at one drawing or painting for weeks and weeks and weeks. Doing the drawing outside of the formulars and ready-made solutions provided by an atelier-program leaves you with nothing but your own observations and flawed decision-making. I can see how much those are lacking behind in terms of quality and pretty much every other sense, but I feel more dearly for my personal drawings, because they are my own voice and that is what I want to hear, even if noone else does. I stopped showing stuff like this to teachers at the FAA because I always sensed a lot of disappointment for the lack of technical dilligence. Nevertheless I will most probably post stuff like this more often in the future, so I apologize in advance.

I hope this will help me be more productive at that front, too. I made considerably less drawings than any other point in time during the program.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

ImageThat’s it 😀

End of Drawing Program, Start of Painting :D

Posted in drawing with tags , , , on February 26, 2012 by Ulrich Suberg

So, I’ve been going through the vicarious drawing program of the FAA by completing my last longpose in Charcoal and chalk! Here it is:


quite pleased with the way it turned out, although I think would they have made me do more drawings,  the direction for the next one would be away from the purely visual effect. Although I did learn a lot about the role of design and rythm in terms of the flow of the picture and the gesture of the pose. Meh.

Also I have made a compilation  of all the longposes I did during the drawing program, it’s quite interesting to see how I learned a bit from each one and there seems to be a logical progression when it comes to their performance, even if I didn’t see it at the time.

It’s hard to judge the process from within, I can clearly see why a lot of people are sceptical about the academic approach and I share a lot of those thoughts. These are first and foremost technical exercises that should make me get better at the representation of a human figure in natural light. If this was the last drawing I made over the course of 5 weeks with the endgoal to have a nude figure in some kind of atmosphere then I wouldn’t mind. Neverless I value the learning expereince a lot and keep in mind that in past times, and even in some cases nowadays, those kinds of exercises have been done by children and teenagers. In a lot of ways, I am quite late to join the party and at my age a lot of people are at the height of their careers or even declining. Ah well teaches one humility 😀

Anyways am doing the painting now, I have started with the cast since i moved here to Sweden in January, but now that I begin my Longpose-project it feels more like I am beginning for real. Everything up to now has been more of a warm-up.

Been doing some studies though, began with my first cast-painting, of which I can’t make photographs because of the glare and the obvious mediocricy. Here’s some other studies I’ve been doing in oil at the school here:

Whatever, have a nice day!

Gettin’ it done!

Posted in drawing with tags , , on January 10, 2012 by Ulrich Suberg

Hi! I’m a painting student! Even though you will probably know me I will write as if you are a great public audience so I sound professional. You can expect content to happen possibly very soon, in the meantime look at this process-image of a drawing of a naked man, enjoy: