Still here!

Hi there! 😀 I wasn’t gone, just got down with a fever and later got some company from the talented Karla Miranda for a week or so. We painted some landscapes and I made 2 sketches of her head, showing here. It’s scary going outside after all those minths not having done oils, but I need to do more of that, I feel. At least get the first 100 out of the way so I can get to some quality pictres :D. And I made a sketch of legs from mind, to show my proficiency in that matter. That’s all.












3 Responses to “Still here!”

  1. “At least get the first 100 out of the way so I can get to some quality pictres” – quality pictures from life or from imagination?

  2. Well it was aimed at the landscapes, that’s what several experienced Plein air painters said back at the atelier. At a wider range I don’t know. I feel confused and lost a bit maybe when it comes to picturemaking, I sure do hope that my quality will improve, I think it has a bit, even over the last few months here and there, but I feel all the more volatile and awkward for showing my efforts.

    Right now, I just keep on posting and trying to learn stuff. Making designs and form from observation as well as imagination. Making babysteps and failing all the tiime. Trying again. What else is there to do? I have the rest of my life to become a master and not many other prospects really.

    Thanks for your comment man, I really apreciate your eyeballs and input.

  3. Don’t worry. The landscapes did improve a bit. The awkwardness never goes away. I got the same thing sometimes.

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