skipped last week, no real reason. Here’s a few traditional workings as of late.









2 Responses to “—”

  1. Hey. Good update. I like the painted landscapes.

    When drawing faces give eyes bigger priority and give them more focus/sharpness. Right now they aren’t well defined and don’t read well which makes person lack expression. Try doing big studies of eyes and then try to simplify them when drawing at smaller scale. There’s god example on the Iain McCaig blog.

  2. You’re right, I need to work on my features and expressions more. It’s one thing drawing a face in front of you and another, trying to put soul into an imaginative one. Most often, it turns out unimaginative, for me at least. I’ll do some of those studies, it’s a great idea and I like Iain McCraigs art, too, he’s definately a master.

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