going forward

Well, some more studies 😀 I feel like especially with the digital stuff, I need to learn how to simplify more. Block in simple big shapes for maximum impact. So far, I always felt the most comfortable when I have millions of little things going on that I micromanage at the same time making decisions only I would be able to see and feeling vey clever about it. But that should wait until the very last stage of a project I think, keeping it simple is my weakness and it feels very very uncomfortable. Need to do more photo-landscape studies. Maybe movie-stills too.


100_2562 100_2563 landschap


2 Responses to “going forward”

  1. Fuck yeah! The landscapes are super nice to look at, I keep looking at the clouds in the last one, good use of the brush I guess. Damn I need to draw..!

  2. Thanks! Show me some of your stuff!

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