Well, I still haven’t gotten my intenet-connection, Hopefully it’ll arrive next week. In the mean-time some of the things I’m keeping myself busy with. I recon I didn’t become the super-great artist I wanted to be so far, so at least here’s some documentation of some sort. Whatever, just move along 😀
















scan905 scan906

scan907 scan908

scan909 scan910 scan911

scan912 scan913 scan914

scan915 scan916

scan917 scan918

scan919 scan920 scan921


















3 Responses to “Foggit”

  1. Great stuff! A post worth waiting for 😀

  2. Hey. You got good but the most noticable change is in observation drawing and rendering. I like the extensive use of earthy colors in you palettes and I think your line is more delicate than before. On the other hand a lot of the figures done from memory lack harmony in movement. I think the key to drawing fairly believable pose is trying to imagine it first and to do that you have to relate it to some specific activity. If you have hard time doing that, you can try it yourself in front of the mirror. There is no such thing as random pose. A lot of people in your drawings seem like they are performing some experimental dance on the stage but even in dance there is some logic in movement. If you want to draw better the people you draw then try playing some rhythmic music in your headphones and imagine you’re dancing. Then the people you will draw are basically you in different skin. You can also watch a lot of people dancing and imagine that you’re in their place to get the feel for it :).

    When it comes to more specific things. You clearly have problem with showing the articulation of the wrist. For example what is the guy on the left in scan900 image doing with his hands? Same with person in scan922. His wrist are bent in a weird way as if some invisible force was twisting his arms. When drawing arms try nailing them first with single gesture line and then you can put individual parts on top. When in doubt go and try looking at your arm in the mirror. Pay attention to where the palm is pointing and what are fingers doing. That might help.

    Also I wonder what’s with the iris being as bright as the white of the eye? Is is intentional?


  3. Wow thanks for taking the time to look over my work! Yes, I feel like I am hitting a wall with the figuredrawings for a long time now, basically it’s laziness or fear that makes me not to do the extra thinking necessary to bring my figuredrawings to the next level. Making sense of the movement, learning the anatomy and structure of the outer extremities (I feel my heels have the same problem as my wrists) and overall putting the figures in some kind of narrative space, let alone an actual space is something that I need to do very, very much. In fact, I’ll stop slacking around with these like this and put more thinking in the before I begin drawing. I figured I’d just go on and draw random people until I can “write” them blindly if that makes sense. But yeah, I, too feel that the most important human quality lies in purpose and thusly I shall put some of that in those figures as well 😀

    Thanks again Marek!

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