Was beginning this littlee still-life with oil-paints, but realized very quickly that I didn’t have anything large enough to paint it on. So not to let this setup go to waste, made a digital study of it. I still am struggling with massive patience-issues and stuff.




3 Responses to “moep”

  1. Sweet setup! Makes me want to do a still life too

  2. I find it hard to believe you got patience issues after finishing numerous bargue studies and still life paintings. Maybe you just got bored with the image. I think it’s natural to leave study if you’re not excited about actual painting.

    • Yeah I guess that makes sense even though the bargues were school-work that was done in an environment where it was the choice between either doing those exercises or quitting. I feel getting excited about a project kind of needs to be self-motivation equivalent of that 😀 But yeah, it’s probably not about patience but the mindset that’s the problem.

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