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End of the trimester and not quite the end of the march!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 28, 2013 by Ulrich Suberg

Anyway, it went soso, not so much to recap on this one, for me this is more of a half-way mark than anything. We will see how I feel in the summer once this whole school-business is over 🙂

I felt like I took a few steps back over the last weeks, returned to grayscale painting in the longposes because the colored ones where kind of awkward and I did manage to not get passed on my cast painting for two consecutive trimesters, guess that counts for something too. I know it’s not a competition but knowing that all my friends in Florence are basically churning out stillife after stilllife down there feels weird. But then again, I dont aspire to become a stilllife painter in particular and it’s not that I can’t wait to paint pears and garlic anyways.

So, I’ll post the portrait project, I liked in general how the painting turned out, the cast and the last longpose.


Oh, here’s a close-up so you don’t get distracted by the wonky composition (note to self: plan your format, don’t take random strecherbars left by alumni)




Oh yeah, there is also the ecorché, it’s done now for what it is, muscles and bones all in there. Not the best sculpture in the world but I pride myself on the fact that I did it on my own.



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