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Hmmm June!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 25, 2012 by Ulrich Suberg

Can’t think of a good title or something, whatever. Well the second year is over and I’m going to post the 2 big projects I did. Again, it took me 11 weeks to produce a mediocre cast-painting and half the time to make this longpose-painting. All in all there has been some progress but I need more experience with the oilpainting medium if I want to get any sort of presentable results. It’s almost painful to feel so powerless but I need to keep on working and try to make the best of it, drawing and painting like the wind!!!

So here’s the cast painting Nice blurry and with glare haha) and the figure apinting, throwing in another abandoned home-project for good measure 😀

Last week of the 2nd year!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 17, 2012 by Ulrich Suberg

Wow i would almost get nostalgic if I weren’t so exhausted :D. It’s not so much the work-load, hell no, not the workload haha (I’m too lazy to get stressed out by that), it’s just the constant pressure you get from the instructors and peers and yourself of course. Always pushing, pushing pushing, without a clear understanding where you are headed to. Part of the program seems to be that you give up the control over when you leave a project in order to let them decide where the finish is. That is something that hasn’t been so much the case in Florence, where it seems the tolerance for the level of your cast or whateverproject is much lower and instead there is more projects to work through (I rushed through the cast-stage back then, not that I mind, I learned what I wanted with the figure anyway). But yeah, much to learn it is just very frustrating when you see almost no fruits from the training that is pretty much consisting of looking for tiniest transitions and squeezing out that little bit of effect out of the key while at self-training, while doing something new every day and experimenting and doing quick scetching, the progress is so much more visible and tangible. I look forward doing that in the vacation, also there is a lot of reflecting to do. Kind of feel like I’m left behind the professional painters here, those that had years of training before coming to this school and all of a sudden I am supposed to keep up, understanding the dynmics of mixing paints, of using brushes while I have no clue whatsoever what exactly I am doing. There is light at the end of the tunnel though, The instructors, especially Joakim have been immensely helpful in giving me pointers how to proceed for the next 10 years. Figure it takes me that long to implement all that advice.

Well for now just some mediocre portraits I churned out, I guess the likeness is okay but the rest is very questionable. I am just glad that I am off off the grisaille-palette now. In the next trimester, I will be allowed to begin in limited plette with yellow ochre, white, black and red I recon. Just adding another impossible layer of complexity over the experience that is painting-.



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Last Friday was the end of the year ceremony in Florence and during those fesitivities, the awards for the “exeptional work” of the year done by the students have been announced. Congratulations to my friend Leonardo, who won the best cast-drawing of the year award! He’s an amazing talent and a great guy so hearing he got that recognition for the second time in a row made me really happy 🙂

For some reason the studio in Mölndal appointed my last figure-drawing to be the best they had this year, don’t know if it’s entirely deserved but I was happy and took the prize before they could reconsider haha! (For anyone who doesn’t know which drawing I’m talking about, it’s the one way down on this Blog:

And because there should be no post without art-work, here’s a drawing I made of a classmate:



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Well I feel a bit cheap for posting this, but why not? I kind of like how this little study panned out, notice the lighteffekt you can get from just a few simple planes and a plan on how to tackle the situation value-wise. Not much to say, I sure have got a good plan to make the big one look nice!