Beginning stages!

Well I have done a lot of blocking in, underpainting and general prepairing over the last 2 weeks. After all, even if I am busy with the painting program and everything, there is still a lot of drawing involved in the process here at the FAA. The same old princples apply, make sure you are precise in your drawing, key the image well, create a hierarchy of edges to create atmosphere and all that jazz. In a few weeks I will be able to add the actual painting part, but until then, it will be the good old same as always. Anyways, here’s some stuff, since this trimester is going to be the trimester of underpainting! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

First my cast, with transfer drawing and the actual transfer onto the canvas. Let’s hope I will finish this well within this trimester! This is not so much about learning new tricks, but optimizing the process to get to the same level as the old one, just much faster. I will probably do that by jumping straight into temperature after I’ve done the underpainting though. I’ve got a plan, believe me!

And here’s some other stuff, transferdrawing of the next longpose, underpainting-study from painting-class with Joakim and a portrait in raw umber that is structurally warped (I sure know what I need to train this trimester haha)


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