Staglieno Cemetary in Genova

I have been planning to upload images from that place somewhere for months now but never came to it, partly because I have too many images and sorting through them would take time and partly because I was too busy with the program. But I somehow managed to find the time to do this, so here goes.

The Cimitero Monumentale di Staglieno is a huge place with thousands of statues and upon spending a whole day there I know I have not seen everything by far. Everybody that is in the neighbourhood and remotely likes art should take the time to make a trip there, it is worth it, not only for the hundreds of masterpieces standing around, but also because of the place itself, the catacombs and temple-structures are truly bombastic. Another cemetery like this is located in Milano, although the architecture of the place itself is less impressive, there are a lot of great statues also.

Here’s some photographs:


One Response to “Staglieno Cemetary in Genova”

  1. That place looks amazing. I’ll see if I can get there over the break for sure. There’s a pretty cool graveyard right behind piazza michelangelo actually, had no idea about it until this last trimester. Nothing compared to this though

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