Gettin’ it done!

Hi! I’m a painting student! Even though you will probably know me I will write as if you are a great public audience so I sound professional. You can expect content to happen possibly very soon, in the meantime look at this process-image of a drawing of a naked man, enjoy:

4 Responses to “Gettin’ it done!”

  1. Awesome first post! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for showing your process – it was super helpful and an awesome drawing. Will certainly be waiting for more posts!

  3. Hi Ulrich,

    It’s good to see your development. It looks very impressed to me. You’re a great talent. My compliments for your stunning website.
    Hope to see you once again.
    Eric Bos
    Klassieke Academie in Groningen (Netherlands)

  4. Impressive drawing, and love to see the process!

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